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Technical Strengths

Lonte attaches more importance to the cultivation of talents, and encourages independent innovation activities. From 2004, many elites have jointed in our team, including senior engineers (professors), Class 1 Registered Architects (PRC), Class 1 Registered Structural Engineers, Registered Cost Engineers and other technicians and professionals, accounting for 25% of our total employees. We are cooperating with Shanghai Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Shenyang Architectural University and other universities and research institutions, and have established a Steel Structure Institute together with Shenyang Architectural University. This steel structure institute is now serving as the teaching base and doctoral student workstation for Shenyang Architectural University, and has contributed in improving our technical strengths and consolidating our competitiveness. In addition, we also engages with a senior engineer having more than 35 years of experience in designing steel structure buildings and a South Korea engineer having more than 26 years of experience in novel materials, to develop and design special steel structures, novel energy saving and environmental building and decorative materials, in addition to perfecting our existing products.

Project Consulting Proposal
Project Initial Design Plan
Personalized Design
Deepen the Design
Architectural Color Matching

Detailed Design

Design Concept

(1) The integrated design includes the integration of architectural structures, the integration of maintenance system and main structure, and the integration of accessories system and whole building. The integrated design can ensure the overall accuracy of a building and the precision of installation in addition to reducing the costs. (2) The standardized design includes the standardization of architectural nodes, tandardization of structural nodes and standardization of accessories. The standardized design can greatly reduce the time for design and construction, as well as the costs.
Architectural Expression
As for the architectural expression, the features of light steel structures are utilized to express the design style of a building sufficiently mainly from the dimension of building, texture and outline of metal material, color of metal building, architectural
transition, functional members and decorative members, to manifest the dynamic motion, magnificent outline and modern details.
Design Software

At present, Longshida Design Center mainly uses the Tekla Structures from Finland, MIDS GEN from South Korea, Shanghai Tongji 3D3S, and PKPM to design the steel structures for our customers with different needs and requirements. By combining these tools, we can perfectly integrate the mechanics principles, architectural expression, material utilization and steel consumption into the design of building, including the detail of steel structure.
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