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Refined in quality, beautiful in type
Production Advantage
Lonte is not only a first-class steel structure supporting enterprise, but also a new building system integrator
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Steel Structure Production Base
Lonte’s steel buildings are supplied as complete, ready-to-assemble building kits. No welding or cutting is required at the construction site. Holes are pre-punched in all frames and beams. Our skilled and experienced assembly teams make sure that the building kit is turned into a building. The knowledge and accuracy of the fitters mean that you can rest assured that everything will be assembled correctly.
By implementing advanced management concepts and measures in all
workshops, Lonte is designated as the Class I China Steel Structure
Manufacturer, and has more than 400 technicians and professionals engaging
in processing and fabrication of steel structures, more than 80 of them
possessing the international welder qualification certificates.

In practice, the Company insists in inventing and applying new technologies based on the innovation principle, and insists in improving the production capabilities based on the automated equipment and systematical management, to shorten the construction period greatly while ensure the timely fabrication of complex members and organized construction activities on site.
Building Enclosure Sheets
Production Base
LONTE company produces more than 2,000,000 square meters annually of PU(PIR) foam and Mineral Wool sandwich panels in compliance with the international standards and norms.
The continuous production process on double conveyor-belt adopted by LONTE is considered as the most innovative process for manufacturing  Polyisocyanurate (PIR) panels as well as high quality Mineral Wool sandwich panels meeting the international standards of the industry.
Lonte is also a professional manufacturer of corrugated profile sheet. Our specialty is quick delivery as well as custom lengths and sizes. The common lead time is one day, and the customized products lead time is within 15 days. We have 25 years experiences in steel Roofing Solutions that are highly result oriented and quality focused. Our team of experts work closely with customers to understand their necessity and offer the services accordingly.
Our raw materials have excellent qualities such as weather resistance, corrosion resistance and high processability. The excellent quality and beautiful appearance make the users' building more unique and enhance their corporate impression.
Lonte has a set of quality control system of science from raw material to finished product.We follow SOP standard production processes through production planning to the finished product, and from production management to the production line, all the year 365 days, constantly improve product quality.  Through advanced testing equipment for raw material, paint film thickness and other indicators, to ensure the product quality.
Quality Control
Superior Quality Raw Materials Supplier
We have the world's top-level alliances. They not only provide us with high-quality and stable raw materials, but also provide us with the confidence of the "boutique" route, and provide technical, strategic, operational, management, and talent support and guidance.
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 Our Head Office and Largest Manufacturing Base is in Shenyang, China:
 No.26 Zhenxing 9th St., Hutai Town, Shenyang, China
 Tel: +86 15566006992    E-mail:
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